Fulfillment Services

CBD Oil Hemp based product fulfillment and drop shipping  services in Colorado Springs, CO

We never shy a way from fulfilling a product just because its new or may be difficult.


Unfortunately, other fulfillment services shy away from new, misunderstood, or controversial products.  The Fulfillment Center COS has been fulfilling and shipping CBD (Cannabidial), Kava, and other Hemp based products since 2015.  


Tinctures, salves, chewables, shakes, and plenty of pet products that contain CBD have been shipped domestically and internationally to individual customers and wholesalers all within all the legal restrictions of the USA and foreign countries

If you want to partner with the only fulfillment center in the USA that understands your product, industry, and mission all in hemp-friendly-Colorado-Springs, contact us now.

The Mail Center is your local CBD oil and hemp shipping expert in Colorado Springs, CO.

Fulfillment and other 3PL Services:

  • Multiple Carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL)
  • Custom branded box inserts for tincture and other packaging
  • Postage
  • Label and Adressing
  • Barcoding, polybagging or other preparations for Amazon Fulfillment or other wholesale warehouses prep
  • International Shipping
  • Direct Mail Campaign to reach back out to repeat customers
  • Customer Area demographics
  • Freight for large purchase orders and wholesale fulfillments

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