LIVE SCAN Fingerprinting in Colorado Springs

CBI specific fingerprinting through website

If you need CBI Fingerprinting you must first sign up directly with Colorado Fingerprinting with the "CBI Unique Code" given to you by your employer or licensing agency. 
CBI Live Scan is not eligible for "walk-in" without appointment. Make appontment with them and then select The Mail Center as your desired appointment venue

Digital Fingerprinting | Colorado Springs, CO

Live Scan Fingerprinting in Colorado Springs, CO

Largest Colorado Livescan Fingerprint Affiliate for Colorado Fingerprinting, Fieldprint, and other Live Scan providers.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FDLE Fingerprinting available for walk-in services or book nowFlorida ORI Number required with appointment similiar to CBI Unique Code used for Colorado Fingerprinting channeled through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Livescan Fingerprinting at Colorado Springs Fingerprinting co-located and operated by The Mail Center.  The days of “ink on paper” fingerprinting are quickly going the way of snail mail. The Mail Center offers the next generation of fingerprint technology in Colorado Springs, CO.

Scheduling an appointment with either Fieldprint or Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) is service specific.  Select what you need your fingerprints for, register, and then select The Mail Center as your preferred location in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Background Checks

Fingerprinting for the State of Colorado CBI

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) requires that fingerprints are processed electronically through the new Colorado Applicant Background Service (CABS) program.  Fingerprints will be captured on a scanner and submitted electronically to CBI at the time of your appointment.  Results are typically processed within 72 hours.  Go to, sign up and select our 6547 N Academy Blvd location if you need to get fingerprinting for:

  • employment or licensure related to education
  • childcare
  • real estate
  • driving
  • adoption
  • healthcare, etc.

Go to and register for an account and schedule an appointment at our Colorado Springs Location- 6547 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. During the registration process you will need a CBI unique ID which can be obtained from your employer or licensing agency.  

The most common CBI Unique ID codes can be found by clicking HERE. If you can not find the CBI Unique ID code for the reason you are being fingerprinted, the best step is to ask your employer or the agency who is requesting that you be fingerprinted for the CBI Unique ID code you need to use. The next option is to call the Colorado Fingerprinting Helpline (720) 292-2722. 



Fingerprinting for the State of Florida employment, licensing, and certification

Fast Florida, agency-specific licenses, certifications, and job approvals require digital fingerprinting "channeled" through licensed digital fingerprinting providers.  

Florida Nursing, Mortgage Lenders, Loan Officers, FINRA, Real Estate Agents who wish to do business in an industry regulated by certain government or professional standards in Florida must have their fingerprint-based background checks done through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  With FDLE Live Scan your fingerprints are captured at one of our Live Scan fingerprinting machines and directly channeled to the FDLE and certifying agency.  Book Online Today!

The FDLE processes fingerprints fastest (and with some agencies- ONLY) through FDLE certified digital fingerprint channelers.  As of MAY 2022, Colorado Springs Fingerprinting is the ONLY provider of FDLE digital fingerprinting and channeling in Colorado Springs through Live Scan fingerprinting devices.

When you need an FDLE background check, your employer or licensing agency will give you an ORI number. Your ORI number will be entered into our Live Scan fingerprinting machine and associated with the digital fingerprints we collect.  Our Live Scan machine will securely channel both to the FDLE.  The FDLE will then perform a background check to the specific level of scrutiny that your Florida employer/agency requires and send the results of your background check to the appropriate agency who gave you the ORI number

Ink Fingerprint Cards of Live Scan? 

We do both- but your employer or agency may require one or the other

With all Digital Fingerprinting your Fingerprinting Card and application will be created digitally, sent to the FBI or other Agency for processing, and your results will be sent to you or your employer as needed.  We use Livescan technology equipment to digitally capture fingerprints and print on FD-258 cards with black ink (accepted and preferred method by all federal, state and other agencies) with no smudging or smearing. Less than 0.5% of our digital fingerprints are rejected. In the rare event of a rejection, we re-roll for free! No need to use messy ink, mail, track, wait, and hope the results come back soon. 

However, you can request physical ink FD-258 fingerprint cards for non-Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) purposes such as licensure or employment in other states: Federal purposes, ATF, for other countries, or for other non-CBI purpose.  If your instructions provided by the agency requesting fingerprints state to get them in black ink our method meets their requirement – we guarantee it. Ink Fingerprinting is not available for CBI purposes- that's the State of Colorado's policy, not ours.  If your fingerprints need to be processed with CBI for a background check please schedule with and select our fast, large, and friendly location. Not for use for concealed carry or court ordered fingerprints, please contact your county sheriff for assistance with these purposes.

For digital fingerprints, the FD-258 fingerprint card, is generated digitally and sent back to to fingerprint partner you signed up with for speedy and accurate processing within 24-72 hours.  Schedule an appointment through Colorado Fingerprinting or Fieldprint websites and select the location with the most stations, appointment availability, and certified technicians at The Mail Center at 6547 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs Colorado 80918 today.


Fieldprint Live Scan - for FINRA

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Fingerprinting

Talk to your employer or point of contact directing you to get fingerprinted to see if your FINRA fingerprint-based background check needs to be done by Fieldprint Live Scan device.  We have their Live Scan fingerprinting machines in house TOO! But you'll have to sign up directly with  Check out FINRA's information regarding fingerprinting at

Fieldprint Live Scan is not eligible for "walk-in" without appointment. Make appointment with them first and THEN select The Mail Center as your desired appointment venue in Colorado Springs

Are you an employer or need other fingerprint, background, or badging services?

We also are the number one provider for Fieldprint and Live Scan Fingerprinting Services in Colorado


CALL: 1.888.472.8918 and request The Mail Center N Academy Blvd location to get you and/or your employees fingerprints, background, badging and/or I-9 Certification completed in ONE STOP

Many public and private sector employers and school districts require photo identification badges for employees and contractors to help ensure security. Fieldprint’s badge photography and processing service allows us to quickly and easily capture a digital photo of the applicant via our nationwide network of Livescan sites. We can also produce F.S. 1012.467 compliant badges. 

Unlike ink-on-paper fingerprints, digital fingerprints can be transmitted electronically and shared among agencies. It is more efficient and cost-effective, so many states, federal agencies, and industries no longer accept ink-on-paper—they now require digital fingerprinting.

If you’re a part of certain agencies or industry groups, you will probably need to get “digitally fingerprinted” as a requirement of your employment or participation.

Organizations That May Require Digital Fingerprints

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government
  • Police
  • Security
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Adoption

Colorado Springs Fingerprinting co-located and operated by The Mail Center has the advanced equipment and software necessary for digital fingerprinting in Colorado Springs, CO.


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