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Self Publishing Order Fulfillment Services Colorado Springs, CO

You wrote it, you published it, now focus on how you're going to sell it. Dont let a garage full of books and pesky fulfillment operations get in the way, leave it to us!

You didn't spend the hours, days, months, years becomming the writer of your most recent book to now fret over storage, packing and shipping your work to your customers.  Print your books in bulk, save, and store them with us, we have the space reasonably priced as low as $31 a month for pallets (that's cheaper, more secure, and cleaner than a storage unit)

The US Postal Service has a Media Mail specifically for the shipment of books that we'll help you leverage. We also have faster shipping options for selling on Amazon or just getting your book in the hands of your adoring readers quicker.  Get to selling and enjoying the fruits of your creative labor, dont break your back hauling books.  We can suggest a preferred book publishers that we will PICK UP from- saving you again on shipping to your distribution channels.

If you FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) you're looking at some pretty gnarly fees: Amazon vaguely says just to start selling through them

AMAZON "39.99 per month plus refferal fees and variable fees*"- we think that's crazy!

... especially because those "variable fees" are at least  costing you 0.99 per item sold, 15% of the SALE PRICE of your book, and picking and packing fees that are comparable to the fees you'd be paying a contract warehouse like us and nothing more.   Read this article if you want your head to spin on how to calculate the money you lose selling on Amazon 

AMAZON STORAGE FEES - are outrageous when you can still sell on Amazon but fulfill through us.

Storage Fees that variy seasonally and punish sellers for so called "long term storage" if all your products dont sell right away, forcing you to either under-publish or under-ship your books to their warehouses or gamble that you've forecasted your reader demand perfectly.  Publish in bulk, ship to us in bulk, our storage fees never vary and we never penalize you for slow sales- best yet, publish with one of our preferred local printers such as the book printing experts at Steuben Press and 


and save you significantly on the cost of freight and shipping

Our Book Fulfillment Services Include:

  • Freight or pickup arrangements from publishers
  • Pallet and shipment receiving 
  • Storage flat rates (no seasonal changes or long term storage penalties
  • Shopping Cart integration: Orders come in, payment is received, books go out SAME DAY
  • Packaging and promotional inserts, ship your book securing and upsell them on your other volumes
  • Shipping on discounted postage accounts (internationally even)

Let the experts at The Mail Center do what we do best by providing all of your Fulfillment and logistics needs taken care of at our centrally located Colorado Springs, CO. location

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