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Our Assembly, Fulfilment, and Shipping are just the time and money saving services you have been looking for Centrally located at 125 N Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80903


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Are you a small business owner? Do you reach customers online? The Mail Center's Order Fulfillment Services is just what you are looking for! If you have products that you sell you then you need product fulfillment services. From storage space, to receiving, to shipping, shopping cart management, e-mail orders, sales and inventory, The Fulfillment Center COS @ The Mail Center can handle everything for you. Some companies choose to perform these services in-house with a costly staff of employees that receive the orders, process and ship them - but is that what you REALLY became an entrepreneur for? Once you outsource the assembly and fulfilment of your products you can focus on the reasons you REALLY became your own boss- selling your product, growing your business network and enjoying the creative freedom to make new products and relationships.  And when you finallly land that HUGE purchase order from a big box store or nationwide chain we can help you freight anything, anywhere- and we mean anything (check out our freight page to see examples of the unique items we have freighted). The Mail Center offers the storage, receiving of incoming materials, order filling and shipping services YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS. 

Are you looking for CBD (Cannabidiol) fulfillment or other oil or alternative medicine products? 

Unlike other fulfillment centers we embraced the industry early on and gained a lot of experience with the intricacies and cost saving practices as sales and volumes have taken off in recent years  

Email us for price estimates. Most small businesses just want to do what they do best, take care of business. Properly done shipping is an art, we like to create specialized processes for each customer, we match your needs with the correct service. The more information you can send us about your product the better. We would usually need the item description, weight, dimensions, what else goes with the product, options or choices. Let us know what options you want, we will take it from there. Small light items are usually shipped via US Mail first class with tracking, when the items are heavier we compare costs between UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS Mail. Speed can also be a consideration, in most cases we ship the same day the order is received (if we receive it 2 hrs or more before pickup time). Rush orders are available, we will diligently monitor your orders via your shopping cart interface. We will send your customers order shipping confermation and tracking numbersand the means of transport so no one is left guessing. We Package Anything, We Ship Anywhere, We are your solution to any logistical problem set!

The Mail Center, thats where.

The Mail Center is a member of the nations leading resource for shipping and packaging which gives us access to thousands of suppliers and virtually hundreds of thousands of packing options. In short, The Mail Center can fulfill any business products and will enableyou to stop working IN your business and instead work ON your business.

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