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FBA is not for every business selling on Amazon.  The Amazon storage fees, procedure inflexibility, and handling fees may WELL outweigh the bennefits for YOUR business


Sellers who use FBA pay fees to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers in order to begin to utilize their fulfillment services.

When an order is placed for a seller’s FBA product, Amazon receives the information, picks the stock from the shelves, packs it, and ships it.  These services are covered by the fulfillment fees, which are based on the size, weight, complexity, and fragility of items sold. Amazon also charges variable rates for storage.  Short term fees vary by fiscal quarter with the largest storage fees in November/December QUINTUPPLING compared to the storage fees in the cheaper months.  On top of that, if you have large inventory or sales slow, then Amazon will charge long-term storage fees for any SKU that remains in their warehouse after 180 days.

MFN Merchant Fulfilled Network (sometimes called Fulfilled By Merchant FBM)  simply means that an Amazon seller ships their own products directly from their own home, business, or warehouse after receiving orders through Amazon.com.

This means creating backstock, kitting and packing the orders, labeling, arranging the shipping, and providing all customer service is the direct responsibility of the seller.

The Fulfillment Center COS at The Mail Center is well versed in Amazon MFN proceedures in addition to direct to consumer (DTC) procedures so that you can sell your products to customers accross any channel you want.  Contact us now or continue to research what fulfillment services best fit you and your business needs.


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Fulfillment by Amazon fees are based on the size and weight of products you sell, and where you sell them. For example, small items weighing under 1-lb. cost just $2.41 to fill and ship when sold on Amazon. Or, sell the same item on your website and pay around $5.95 for Amazon to ship it out for you.


The Mail Center, that’s where.

The Mail Center is a member of the nation’s leading resource for shipping and packaging which gives us access to thousands of suppliers and virtually hundreds of thousands of packing options. In short, The Mail Center can fulfill any business products and will enable you to stop working IN your business and instead work ON your business.


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