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3rd Party Logistics 3PL and Drop Shipping in Colorado Springs, CO

The Fulfillment Center COS @ The Mail Center

Started forming 15 years ago at The Mail Center which has been providing mailbox and shipping solutions since 1981! Fulfillment Center COS was a complimentary service for our business customers which we figured was a common sense answer to a problem to online businesses that wasn't even defined. 
Terms like "Fulfillment, Crossdocking, 3rd Pary Logistics (3PL), e-Commerce Warhouse Consulting, Drop Shipping" hadn't even been invented yet:  How can we Make Online Selling Smarter For our Mailbox Customers and local manufacurers.   We broke this question down into three parts:
“Why must merchants physically stock the products they sell?"
"How can manufacturers avoid costly, complex supply chains to better leverage profit margin"
"How can startups minimize risk by reducing overhead, staffing problems, scale 'just right', leverage the expertise of shipping and packing professionals?”


The Fulfillment Center COS @ The Mailcenter Is Logistic Problem Solver And The Supply Chain That Does The Things You Dont Want To So You Can Focus On The Things You Do Best And Reason You Became An Entrepreneur In The First Place






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