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Coupon Mailing Advertisement gets your message in your customer's hands and encourages them to hold onto your piece in Colorado Springs, CO and around the country!

Deliver To A Very Specific Area For An Incredibly Low Cost.

Email, text, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter — Everyone is bombarded by electronic media today—making it difficult to get the right message to the right person at the right time in a format that compels them to read it.


Combined with the right list and design, these elements ensure the greatest response rate and highest ROI.  If you're a restaurant then mailing to every household in your area every two weeks ensures your postcard is right there the next time your prospect wants to dine out.

You're probably always on the lookout for the most effective way to promote your company.  Drawing in new customers and encouraging current customers to do business with you again is probably foremost on your mind besides providing a great service or product. One excellent way to encourage new prospects and returning customers to use your services or purchase your products rather than your competitors’ is with COUPONS.  Adding coupons directly to your mailpiece increases your chances for an even higher response rate.

Sure there are emails or social media ads you can buy to send coupon codes to customers or prospects, but more often than not, consumers are so inundated by digital efforts these days that will ignore ignore even a stellar message and pass up a great deal from your digital coupon offer. Send physical, tangible, print coupons directly to your customers homes and compliment your direct mail with emails or social media posts. In this day and age direct mail marketing is an excellent compliment to your advertising plan.

Postcard Design Considerations

Using postcards as direct mail coupons is quite simple, far simpler than most people originally think before giving it a chance. But you have to get it right. Some of the basics to include:

  • Logo—make sure the design, front and back, includes your logo.
  • Basic contact information—a website, address, and phone are all you really need.
  • Die cut—make the coupon area easy to tear off so the customer doesn’t have to carry around a full-sized postcard.
  • Time sensitive—make the coupon time sensitive to create pressure for the consumer to respond.
  • Both sides—the design should broadcast the coupon on both sides so the customer sees the point regardless of how they are first exposed to the postcard.
  • Full color—don’t try to save a few bucks with black and white or single color designs that don’t get attention.
  • Online code—if at all possible, use a code that can be redeemed online as well to give customers the option of either shopping online or in your store.

Direct Mail Coupon Tips

The coupons you are offering will vary depending upon what types of products or services that you have to offer to consumers. You can choose to offer a discount on your most popular product or service to both encourage a purchase and also to get consumers interested in more items that you offer. You may also want to make sure your coupon is for an item popular for the season. You could also simply offer a coupon for, say, 20 percent off of any purchase over $20.

Focused Target Market

Keep the list of people receiving the postcards as focused as possible. There’s no need to try to hit too broad of a customer base. Geography is usually a big consideration if you are a local business serving a local community. But if you have a national customer base, your target audience should be tightly focused on your ideal customers. This will influence your design as you will want to connect a specific message to these customers.

Benefits of Using Postcards with Coupons

The number one benefit is that postcards are actually quite affordable. Along with affordability, they are versatile and allow you to target specific people based on demographics. Most importantly, when postcards come with coupons, people often feel more inclined to give something a try because they are able to get products or services at a discounted rate. Make it easy for your customers to take advantage of the coupons by creating a tear-away design. Keep the message simple and focused on your target audience. With these basics in place, you can leverage this affordable marketing channel and drive customers to your place of business or website—and multiply the power of postcards with coupons.

Our Direct Mail Couponing Services Include:

  • Mail piece design
  • Printing           
  • Mailing list suggestions
  • Postage
  • Turn-key direct mail campaigns to compliment your digital and social marketing plan

Let the experts at The Mail Center do what we do best by providing all of your Direct Mail Coupon Advertising and EDDM marketing needs in Colorado Springs, CO.

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