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NonProfit Direct Mail Marketing in Colorado Springs, CO and around the WORLD!

Raise Funds, Raise Awarenes, Raise Membership!

Direct mail already saves on postage, if you are a non-profit organization or charity then you can save even more!  The Mail Center is your experienced partner in nonprofit bulk mailing for fundraising, membership letters, event announcements, and generating awareness.

Raising funds or adding members to your organization is not just about increasing response rates, it’s about building relationships. Building relationships with donors and volunteers requires a highly personalized and donor-centric approach. Knowing who your donors and prospects are; where, how, and how often they prefer to be contacted; and what makes them give – and keep giving – are just some of the valuable bennefits of using physical mail pieces to get into your audience's hands and make a call to action.

Direct Mail Marketing has been around as long as the mail, so many people view it as “old school”, but the fact is, direct mail is making a major comeback as a marketing and communications tool because it is not electronic.  Unfortunately, for email and digital marketing people are (more and more) likely to ignore your message simply because there is too much, and it’s easy to “delete” and unsubscribe.

The US Postal Service goes by or delivers to every address in the US six days/week, so they are able to deliver your marketing materials, messages, and calls to action efficiently and effectively to virtually everyone in the country.

The Mail Center is your local Non-Profit Direct Mail expert in Colorado Springs, CO. We understand how to use direct mail to your best advantage for marketing and messaging while keeping a tight grip on your budget.

Our Direct Mail Service Includes:

  • Mailpiece design
  • Mailpiece printing
  • Mailing list acquisition
  • Mailpiece “Call To Action”
  • Postage, metering
  • Delivery
  • Direct Mail Campaign Management
  • Mail campaign ROI
  • Area demographics
  • Direct Mail Turnkey
  • Every Door Direct Mail
    (a USPS proprietary product)

Have A Question About Direct Mail Marketing?

Next time you need a big or small marketing or communication mail campaign for your non profit organizaiton or charity, call 719.594.4743 or click the button below to send us a message. We’ll help you to use “old school” direct mail to generate “new money” results.

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